Fire door inspection services in Chester and Cheshire

Fletcher Risk Management can carry out thorough inspections of your fire doors to ensure you comply with the complex regulations. Our FDIS accredited inspectors will conduct detailed checks, making sure your fire doors are capable of doing the job they are designed for in the event of fire breaking out. We’ll advise you about maintaining a register to record defects and any corrective actions undertaken.

We can also provide in-house training and guidance to your staff so they can complete their own comprehensive fire door checks.


What are fire doors and what do they do? 

Fire doors are engineered safety devices designed to slow down and prevent the spread of smoke and fire in a building. Their role in reducing the speed of fire and smoke is a critical part of an overall approach to fire risk management. They buy vital time for people to escape the building.


Are your fire doors still up to the job?

As a fundamental part of your building’s passive fire protection system, fire doors must comply with all the necessary standards and regulations. But ask yourself this. Even if they were correctly positioned and installed at the time of fitting, do your fire doors still offer sufficient protection now? Has there been a change of use in your building that could affect their role? What about maintenance? It’s easy to take a casual approach to fire doors. Usually they’re doing the same job as all other doors in your building.  But like any other piece of fire safety equipment, fire doors need regular routine maintenance.

It only takes a single defect to compromise the whole purpose of a fire door: an inadequate seal, missing self-closing devices, a damaged frame, new door furniture that doesn’t maintain the integrity of the door…

There are numerous reasons why a fire door may no longer be able to do its job. You do not want to discover that at the very time you’re depending on it to protect you and your employees.


When should you have a fire door inspection?

If you have any concerns about whether your fire doors are up to the job – for example if you think the door looks worn in any way or suspect the gap around it is more than it should be - you need an inspection. Even if you think your doors are ok, it’s still important to get them routinely checked over every six months to ensure they’re operating properly.


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This video shows 3 different doors tested under the same conditions. Door A - incorrectly glazed : Door B - correctly glazed and installed : Door C - ordinary letter plate and no intumescent seals.