Reviewing Fire Risk Assessments

We all know that carrying out a fire risk assessment is a legal requirement and forms an essential part of your fire safety management system. However, when and how often does the assessment have to be reviewed?  We are often asked this question and the simple answer is that a review is required on a “regular” basis.  What does this mean? 

Essentially this will be at the discretion of your Responsible Person, who may set a periodic system review every 6 or 12 months. However, there are occasions which may trigger a revisit to the assessment outside the regular sequence.  Most commonly the introduction of something or someone new may prompt a review of the assessment.

Some of the alterations may include:-

  • The introduction of new processes or the delivery of new equipment

  • The employment of new staff and particularly if the new employees include young people, or those with a disability

  • Alterations to the structure of the building

  • The introduction of hazardous substances or changes in its storage  

  • The occurrence of a fire related incident or accident, which had not been foreseen  

  • Any changes to legislation which may demand an adjustment  

You do not need to amend your risk assessment for every trivial change, but if an alteration introduces new hazards, they must be considered and, if significant, processes must be put in place to keep the risks under control. Keep a record of all changes, so that documentation can be kept up to date for future reference and for any official inspections.

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Sian Fletcher